2000 Ford Expedition Roof Opening Panel Rear Trough Guide Removal and Installation


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1. NOTE: This procedure does not pertain to vehicles built before October 1999. Remove the roof opening panel (glass panel). For additional information, refer to Roof Opening Panel in this section. 2. Remove the two trough guide retaining screws. 3. Remove the trough from the trough guide assembly. 4. Disconnect the trough guide rods from the lifter arm assemblies. 5. Slide the trough guide back to the slot (approx. 15 mm [0.6 in]) cut in track. 6. Carefully twist trough guide through the slot in the track to remove. 7. Inspect the trough guide assembly for damage. If damage is found, inspect the track for broken pieces and remove them. 8. To install, reverse the removal procedure. 9. If necessary, adjust roof opening panel. For additional information, refer to Roof Opening Panel Alignment — Horizontal Adjustment, Roof Opening Panel Alignment — Height Adjustment in this section.