Ford 4.0L (OHV) Upper Intake Manifold Assembly Removal & Installation


Filed Under (Ford) by admin on 08-01-2011

Removal 1. Disconnect the battery ground cable. 2. I highly recommend taking the hood off. Mark where the bolts connect on the hood to ensure proper alignment upon re-installation. My trick was to use “white-out” to do this, comes with a nice little brush. 3. Remove the air cleaner outlet tube by loosening the clamp next to the MAF and the clamp next to the Throttle Body. 4. Disconnect the accelerator cable from the throttle body arm, and then unclip the accelerator cable from the speed control actuator cable. Move them out of the way. 5. Disconnect the vacuum hoses from the brake vacuum booster, EGR valve and crankcase ventilation hose. 6. Disconnect the wiring harness connectors from the EGR valve, the DPFE sensor, and the idle air control (IAC) valve. 7. Disconnect the DPFE sensor hoses. 8. Disconnect the throttle position sensor (TPS) harness connector. 9. Disconnect the throttle body vapor management hose. This is the small coolant hose that runs directly to a port on the bottom of the TB. 10. Disconnect the spark plug wires from the ignition coil.