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OPERATION MANUAL — for the — LAND ROVER Regd. Trade  1948-51 MODELS Vehicles numbered: R860001 to R863000 R8663001 onwards R06100001 onwards ) Standard vehicle ) Right-hand ) L860001 to L863000 L8663001 onwards L06100001 onwards ) Standard vehicle ) Left-hand drive. ) R8670001 onwards R06200001  ) Station wagon ) Right-hand drive. L8670001 onwards L06200001 onwards ) Station wagon ) Left-hand drive. R8680001 onwards R06300001 onwards ) Welding outfit vehicle ) Right-hand drive. L8680001 onwards L06300001 onwards ) Welding outfit vehicle ) Left-hand drive. (The prefix R is omitted from vehicles built to Home requirements, bearing serial numbers 06110348, 06200265 and 06300001 onwards). THE ROVER CO. LTD., SOLIHULL, BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND. Telephone: SHEldon 2461. Telegrams: Rover, Solihull. SERVICE DEPT. SOLIHULL, BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND. Telephone: SHEldon 2461. Telegrams: Rovrepair, Solihull. London Service Station
INTRODUCTION In the design of the Land-Rover every effort has been made to simplify as far as possible the amount of attention which the owner must devote to upkeep. For this manual we have endeavoured, by the use of illustrations, to make the instructions for items of routine maintenance as simple and as clear as possible. At the same time we realise that there may be occasions when the owner finds himself in some difficulty; such cases are dealt with by our Service Department and the information given on Page 130 will help you. Operating instructions for the
standard vehicle are given on Pages 1-92, while details of  equipment are set out on Pages 93- 106; reference to the Land-Rover Station Wagon is made on Page 109 and to the Welding Plant version on Page 10


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