1993-2002 Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, GTI Cabrio Checking Leak Detection Pump


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Multimeter VAG1526 or multimeter VAG1715 Connector test kit VAG1594 Wiring diagram Test requirements The respective fuses of Leak detection pump (LDP) V144 must be OK: Wiring Diagrams, Troubleshooting and Component Locations Ground (GND) connections between engine and chassis must be OK. Ignition switched off. Test sequence Disconnect 3-pin connector of Leak Detection Pump (LDP) V144 (arrow). Measure resistance between terminals 1 + 3 of diagnostic pump. Specified value: 640 to 720 ? Measure resistance between terminals 2 + 3 of diagnostic pump. Specified value: 12.5 to 19.5 ? If specified values are not obtained: Replacing Leak Detection Pump (LDP) V144 : Erase DTC memory of Engine Control Module (ECM) Diagnostic Mode 04 – Erase DTC Memory , Diagnostic mode 4: Reset/erase diagnostic data. Generate readiness code If specified values are obtained: Check wires according to wiring diagram. Checking wiring Readiness Code, Generating .

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