2005-2006 Volkswagen Touareg Update Programming Transmission Control Module (TCM) for Improved Upshifting (OE)


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Service Requirements: Vehicle must meet ALL of the following criteria. 1 – Procedure is valid only for vehicles that show the OE code in the OTIS View Campaign inquiry screen on the day of repair (see Page 11). 2 – Vehicle must be within the Limited New Vehicle Warranty. 3 – Procedure must be performed within the allotted time frame stated in this Technical Bulletin. Procedure: – Raise hood, inspect for white dot located on accessory drive belt tensioner. – If white dot is present, close out the Required Vehicle Update in O.T.I.S. Input appropriate code ( see page 11). – If white dot is not present, follow instructions to perform update programming (Flashing) of transmission control module. Note: When performing the reflash procedure, ALL DTCs for all systems are erased. DTCs linked to Guided Fault Finding function tests will be lost. Therefore, always address stored DTCs for Customer concerns unrelated to the reflash procedure first. The following “Update – Programming” (flashing) process may overwrite any “TUNED” ECM or TCM programming.A “TUNED” ECM or TCM is described as any ECM or TCM altered so as to perform outside the normal parameters and specifications approved by Volkswagen of America, Inc. If you encounter a vehicle with a “Tuned” ECM or TCM, prior to performing the “Upda- te – Programming” (flashing) procedure: D Your Dealership should place the vehicle owner on notice in writing, that their ECM or TCM was found to have been tuned, and that any damage caused by the tuning of the ECM or TCM (including any adverse emissions consequences) will not be covered by Volkswagen of America, Inc. warranties.

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